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Well, I realize I started this blog a while back to share to the social community what a few of my favorite things were. In addition, I was going to add a bit of information about answers to questions that I had. Unfortunately my enthusiasm ran out quickly, and I only got one post in and stopped. I am currently unemployed and have a bit more time on my hands. After having little success in finding a job in the middle of nowhere, I'm thinking about working at home, but don't know how to market myself. So we'll see how everything goes!

I'm thinking about starting a Skype tutoring business. Since I live out in the middle of nowhere right now, I'm not able to get much business doing face-to-face tutoring. Online tutoring websites make me nervous considering you typically don't know exactly how reliable the business you're working for is until you've already given them more than enough information about yourself. Also, you typically have to work at peak hours (7pm-2am). I'm not crazy about that since my husband gets home from work at 4pm and I like to spend as much time with him as I can.

Anyway, I thought I would post this idea somewhere to maybe get some feedback from others who might have tried this before or work as a tutor online.